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2011-04-24 12:23:04 by Sh0T-D0wN

Happy Easter!

Lol Update.

2011-02-27 15:42:25 by Sh0T-D0wN

I'm not dead.

Bigfoot is real.

EM5 is coming along.

I fucking love Pop-Tarts.

That is all.

Lol Update.

Seasons greetings, and all that jazz. Get off your computer and go spend time with your family!

(After watching these :3).

Next up: the Dinosawrrs collab, a game with ObeseChildWitFuturisticTechnology, and Easter Massacre 5.


Merry Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanuka/etc.

Lol, Updates

2010-10-28 15:32:31 by Sh0T-D0wN

Yeah I haven't been active at all lately, mainly because this semester of college is awesomely heavy and I only have little smidgens of solid free time to work with, bar the weekends.

As far as shenanigans involving Flash go, FatKidWitAJetpak and I are collaborating on a horrifying parody of the old Toosie Pop commercial, which is my main project at the moment. It's rampant with FBF so it's going to take a bit, but I have been picking up pace the past few days and the graphical quality has noticeably improved since I began with the animating.

Depending on when that gets finished I might whip something together for Liljoey's Dinosawrrs Collab. I have a few ideas but nothing too solid.

There are some others on the table as well, but they've been mentioned in previous posts.

Also I started putting a little thought towards An Easter Massacre 5 a few weeks ago, I won't start actually working on it until the Tootsie Pop parody is finished, however.

Lol, Updates

It's My Birthday

2010-08-12 10:44:40 by Sh0T-D0wN

I'm using this as an excuse to post a Left 4 Bed 2 screenshot.

Oh lawdy.

It's My Birthday

D'oh Ho Ho

2010-07-22 11:52:00 by Sh0T-D0wN

(Icon post)

I like where this thread is going.

D'oh Ho Ho

Icon List

2010-07-07 11:29:54 by Sh0T-D0wN

(Because lists are apparently the hip thing to do): s s hicons ons to Clock Day '08 s icons ns s icons cons cons
flashicons s ashicons cons cons /flashicons lashicons /flashicons
flashicons ashicons s /flashicons icons ons m/

I'm leaving this picture on this post because it's that awesome.

Icon List

Make A Wish

2010-06-24 12:55:49 by Sh0T-D0wN

Hey guys I heard you like stars and screaming so I made a flursh about stars and screaming.

Nao I can get back to Left 4 Bed 2...

Make A Wish

Time To Get A Book

2010-05-24 11:02:04 by Sh0T-D0wN


Everything iz all teh goods nao.

Time To Get A Book

Finals Over => Left 4 Bed 2

2010-05-07 14:03:02 by Sh0T-D0wN

Finals are over, thankfully; and Summer begins.

Which means I can get back to certain... Things....

Someone do me a favor and PM me when Valve gives us a release date for L4D3.

Finals Over => Left 4 Bed 2